Get Hygge With It!

Get hygge with it!

Do you know how to hygge?  If you’re not sure how (or even what it is!) here’s our simple guide.

Hygge originated in Norway and is a word used to describe a feeling of cosiness. It’s the latest lifestyle trend sweeping globe and has become commonplace in the UK.  Pronounced hue-gah, it’s the feeling of taking genuine pleasure in making the ordinary, everyday moments special.

The trend embraces the simple pleasures in life; from lighting a room with glowing candles, finding fragrance and beauty in nature and creating warmth with a real log fire to playing board games, sharing meals with family and friends and even talking a leisurely walk.


In our ‘can’t live without’ digital world many may find it a hard trend to follow. Removing the devices that keep us connected, the internet and social media in a complete tech detox may be a stretch too far. But fear not, it’s not hard to add a little bit of hygge into your life…there are much gentler ways.

Add soft blankets and fluffy cushions in tactile, warm fabrics.  Scatter them on sofas, chairs and with a luxurious quilted throw on your bed and a luxurious rug under foot, you’ll soon be feeling all hygge.


Don’t forget soft lighting to enhance the mood. Natural candle light is the best for creating a relaxing ambience to your home, however for more functional light add some well-placed lamps.

For those important decorative touches, bring the outdoors into your home. Remember hygge is much more than an interior decoration trend…it’s a lifestyle. So, get wrapped up, layer on the woollies and scarves, put on your wellies and get outdoors to see what nature offers.

A bowl of pine cones collected from a winter walk or even a fallen branch positioned amongst tea lights on a fireplace will create the desired effect.  Don’t forget a vase of your favourite scented flowers…hygge is not about artificial home scenting, so it’s time to lose the plug-ins.

Whether you choose to go all out hygge or add just a little, enjoy a little luxury in the simple joys of life and relax…