Garden Decoration

Get creative in your garden…accessorise! Perfect blooms in tidy borders are beautiful but a flourish here and there makes a statement about your personal style.

Forget bringing the outdoors in, take the indoors out this summer! It’s easy to add a shot of style to your outdoor space. Think of creating a sunny summer room; a few well-placed ornaments will add the finishing touch. Maybe a mirror to reflect a pathway or tree or an outdoor printed canvas or metal wall art for an exposed wall. A beautiful eye-catching clock can make a stunning focal point. If your grass is less than perfect, why not lay a carpet of perfect artificial grass and edge it with a delicate border? A pretty arch can entice discovery of a seldom used space but is equally useful for climbing plants; cascading clematis or tumbling roses are very romantic. Enhance the atmosphere with candlelight, illuminating dark corners with lanterns, candles or wall sconces. Don’t forget your front entrance...add a smart wall mounted post box.