Wildlife Care

Give the wildlife in your garden a helping hand this winter. Let your garden go a little wild and you’re sure to have visits from your garden friends. Just make sure they have somewhere to feed, drink and shelter

Get the family involved and encourage the local wildlife into your garden this season. There’s plenty of ways to help your garden guests through the cold of winter, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse up close. Hedgehogs hibernate over winter and so start to explore to find a warm, safe and secure place to rest. Why not place a Hedgehog home in your garden? It’s really easy to attract birds this season by simply creating an inviting environment, offering just what they need to survive the winter: a bird bath, a bird table or bird feeder with food and a sheltered bird box. And don’t forget the bugs! Check out our bug homes, perfect for creepy crawlies, bees and even ladybirds.